Commands in Skyblock?

  • Em, I wanted to give some ideas..
    Trading in skyblock can be risky I mean there r alot of players out there who scan which is really bad so there should be a command for trading. I mean... the command should be typed in,in the chat box it's like this.... /trade. if u wanna trade with someone u would write the username of the player that u wanna trade for example If wanna trade with ProKiller I would write /trade ProKiller in the chat box. instead of throwing the item to another player u could just easily typed... /trade [the player username u wanna trade with]. u can do this to avoid scammeing.
    or if u r trading with ur bestie U can just throw the item cuz u can trust him..

    When I had my account.... I was facing this problem alot..
    This was my idea I hope u liked it..

    Btw ik everyone have scammed someone in their bg experience........ 😕

  • @midazg Good idea but It will be super hard to code and will take a lot of time

  • @MarshBmgo Yeah that's true

  • make that anyone cant take item without permisson
    i pressed q button by mistake and a player took my cross

  • real correct

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