how to play from laptop with friends on mobile

  • Hi. I try to send a friend request from my Blockman Go account on my laptop, to my friend who plays on his phone, but it looks like we can not connect. How can we fix this problem, to connect as friends on Blockman Go and to play together? I am very bad at playing it on my phone and want to play on the laptop, but play with him.

  • @ZAAo I would suggest you to login on your phone first for the add and then you could possibly log back on your laptop.

  • @X_Shu_X Hi. Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I did try that, but I still don't see my friend when I log in on my laptop, with the same account. Even when we are friends on my phone version of Blockman Go.

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    @ZAAo Umm I would suggest you to add him from ur phone and then play with him on ur laptop , if it still does not work then you can tell here again we will see what to do and tell you .

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