Bedwars coins

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    Up above is something that I suggested in the past and I will like to add on to it make it so that some things like pets and glowing blocks you can buy with bedwars coins . Read my other suggestion to know what bedwars coins are and why BG should add them. Make it so the less better Pets like corgi and bomber you can buy with bedwars coin but things like ender dragon pet you still had to pay gcubes. Same for sword effects and other things too like glowing blocks. I suggest this because many people complain saying that is unfair with gcubes and they really want a bedwars pet. I think this good suggestion but just pls consider this as it will make the game fair people will still buy things with gcubes because it's the better pets and sword effects . Hopefully bedwars coins get added along with the thing that I said above 🙂 🥺

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    Alright,Thank you for your idea.I'll report it back to the Officials 😄