• A apple_BMGO

    Can I assume that my account is considered officially gone/stolen because today I went in and the person used his/her email address to change my security questions altogether?

    Thank you. Just wanted to know

    I'm posting from another separate new account.

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  • A apple_BMGO

    Dear users,

    Background of problem.
    Lost access to my account yesterday. Retrieved the account yesterday using security password/questions.

    Went in today again and saw "security/recovery email" set up. The email set up is not my email.

    Need help. Have been playing the game on the phone for about 2 years. Have not set up any email security before. Started playing at version 1.9. Created this account around last year or so.

    Only played using password and id.

    I did not set up my profile photo. Went in today and couldn't log in again and someone set up the profile photo.

    How do I fix this?

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Please help.

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