To fix the keys problem or to unlock Z, Q, D

    You need to change the system language used on the game to "FR" ( French, français™)

    This will unlock the Z, Q, D on AZERTY keyboards only , you will be able to move forward using Z, left with Q, right with D and S backwards,

    You need to do this everytime you join a match, or everytime the Game window resets ( when the game window close itself and open itself again)

    The problem of keys settings may be a system language detection that ruins everything

    hope if this help all of you

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    Also shotgun weapons like ''Hydro pump'' are broken , the damage wont work when we move, so many weapons are affected by this update

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    if this problem continue like this then many players will continue leaving this minigame ,
    As its happening now

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    Build And Shoot 2020-2021 weapons problem and more

    Build and Shoot is known because of the game style that depend on the player ability of reacting as fast possible with weapons that have the exact effect to use against enemy(s)

    But if you add one update that mess with weapons ability of shooting then you need to know that you ruined this minigame

    This problem is known as : '' The weapons shooting cooldown ''

    Its an update that ruined build and shoot game and that made players so mad on 2020

    It destroyed weapons ability of shooting , the entire weapons are affected by this update ,

    Pick up any weapon , shoot then switch to another weapon then shoot again , see? , the second weapon you will switch to will not work
    it will stay like this for so long time that is enough for the enemy to take you down killed

    This shooting problem is out of players control , its an update that was added by one of the developpers , and it made the entire players think and feel that their weapons are buggy and not working as they were on 2019 ,
    They all say that their weapons are not normal , and thats something true by 100% , i tested it by myself and i found the same results , and its acutally a very annoying update ,

    • it actually limited players skills so much by making their weapons stop working when they need them ,

    • Also players with 0 ammo can not switch to any weapon , because if they do it , any weapon they switch to will not work

    • This problem also exist on Battle royal

    The exact time and game version of this problem are unkown until this seconde , and i will try to find the exact version when this problem started , you can write it down if u know exactly the version when it started ,

    i can leave one video link that proof and that explain this problem down

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