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    @Gamesinspector We make it 1,75 stars because it automatically make from 1. 4., from 2. 5., and from 3. 6..

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    Today we will rate blockman go. Rating is in this sectors:

    1. Originality of the game

    2. Fair play

    3. Chat system

    4. Originality of the game
      The game is not really original. It's copy of Minecraft, Roblox and among us. Rating: 1 star

    5. Fair play
      It's not fair play. New player join into bedwars and his enemy have full leeching III. The new player get full diamond armor and sword, but the enemy have only gold items and even with the gold items kill the new player easily. Rating: 2 stars

    6. Chat system
      The chat system is bad. There are big letters as default and it in some words make *. Rating: 3 stars

    Final results: 2 stars.

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