• raesey raesey

    Do you guys perhaps know any way that I can play Blockman Go on a Chromebook (a Chrome OS one)? I tried to search Blockman Go up on the Play Store that is already installed on the Chromebook but it says it's not compatible on Chrome OS. I also tried to download APKs but sadly it also says that it's also not compatible. And I also tried to download BlueStacks but it's also not compatible lol.

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  • raesey raesey

    Can I still revive my account that got hacked back at May 27, 2019 when safety questions weren't on the game before? Oh and also, the email that I put on that account got remove by the hacker.

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  • raesey raesey

    "And everyone know whoever uses one of those are trash".
    Me: Laughs at every BG player and even myself who has runes.

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