• RealFireShark RealFireShark

    My acc got hacked today I was playing bed wars and someone login my acc and somehow he removed the email and sequrity questions and then I was just depressed we did top up from codashop so we didn’t have the receipt and I topped up more than 11k gcubes. So my that acc’s name is FireSharkBG
    Plzzzzz help me recover it my email is 24centurysuperhero@gmail.com plzzzzz help me I’m really so depressed.

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  • RealFireShark RealFireShark

    I wanna be a moderator of bmgo cuz I am playing bmgo from a long time and I also love to help people. I have also reported some hackers and some accs stealers yesterday I saw a hacker he destroyed everyone's bed in 3 secs I wanna be a moderator of like to avoid hacking or stealing people's acc.
    Contact me in Blockman go my name is RealFireSharkYT

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