Please Developers update skyblock app on a play store to the latest version, It's still 2.6.2 V.
    In blockman Go official app i can't boost my FPS ,it's not laggy on apps (like a bedwars or another game apps), almost completely clear FPS on it. But in Blockman Go it's impossible, it's possible only at stronger Phones , i'm playing Blockman Go on an Emulator (PC)
    And i have got a phone too ( but low graphics).
    Please always update bedwars both skyblock apps
    PLEASE!!! ( It's only way to FPS boost)

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    Please , developers, make it : Can you guys make graphics with more FPS changing and Graphic resolutions menu s.
    Especially we need a resource packs and Shaderpacks changer menu in a game settings.
    If they will be added there may be resource pack makers as minecrafters and that will add more interest for players of blockman go and that's gonna be PERFECT

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    Please developers fix this: When target the enemy and hit him, It can't be touched touching(hit) is sometimes possible 😞
    And the Graphic is not possible for fighting
    Please make the sprint settings and some more key settings
    We need to play with a toggled sprint mode but we can't
    We can just double click or click some key to activate sprint for only one time ;(
    With this Problems we can't play in pc at all
    ( I can't play in phone, I was playing in an Emulators but i can't play with a high FPS, in a client BG i can 🙂 . It's a best and comfortable client for BG but it has a lot of problems to fix for playing them, i just love BG ^_^ )

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    @Rishu23 Sorry but he just deleted the chat and me from his friend list
    I couldn't find him at all 😞

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    @Rishu23 But how i send the video?
    I'm new at this forum group site

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    @Rishu23 I already got my account but i need to ban this liar man
    I hate him 😞
    It said " i'll top up for your account,I won't lie " then I gave him 😞

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    A liar have deceived me: He said: " i will buy you 300 Gcube give me your account " and I gave him. Then he changed my password,I couldn't log in and then I resetted it after loginning my account , I saw he didn't buy he just sold all of my runes in bedwars 😞
    I had 9 more Leeching Runes. His username is about:
    I'm feeling soo bad about that I spent 1000 above keys to get leeching runes 😞
    I wanted to report him for banning him pls

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